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Hi there! I'm Amanda :)

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An inside look into the different collections of easy-to-wear, everyday jewelry handcrafted by Amanda.

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Kind Words

I was given a pair of hoops made by Amanda for my birthday and I am dazzled. They are delicate and fine with tiny careful details and have the confident imperfections that only expertly handmade things have. They are my new favorite earrings and make me stand up straighter when I wear them :) I can't recommend or praise this artist highly enough!

Lilly F.

My first piece by Amanda was the leaf ring and I have worn it every day since I got it. I find it to be the perfect staple ring. The nature inspired design stands out as a unique conversation piece. It’s so easy to wear, I feel like it has become a part of my hand :) 

Ruth V.

I just LOVE Amanda's designs. All her jewelry reflects her love for beauty. You can easily mix and match most all her pieces so you can create many different looks. I love that none of her pieces are big or gaudy and look great on everyone who puts them on. Just straight up classy. Can't wait to see what she will create next!!!

Denise W.

I can’t rave enough about the jewelry! I was not originally, ever a jewelry person, but now I have two bracelets that I rarely take off. Every piece is dependable and is able to endure the roughest of days, somehow untouched. The enamel bracelet is my absolute favorite piece, and I am constantly getting complimented on its originality. I couldn’t be happier to expand it with new pieces to come!

Rachel B.

Amanda's vision and design is a recipe that produces heirlooms. Each piece is forged by hand inspired by a lasting, classic look that explores themes like nature. Mother's day, engagement day, or just because it's Tuesday, I love giving these pieces to important people and seeing how happy Amanda's art makes them. Thank you!

Shelby Z.

Amanda’s jewelry is one of a kind. I’ve never come across another designer who captures the beauty of nature while keeping the jewelry effortless and sturdy. The jewelry has a delicate touch that draws people to look at what you’re wearing while resembling a definitive esthetic that is uniquely Amanda’s! Not only is Amanda talented, but also so kind and cares about each piece she makes! I can’t recommend her jewelry enough! 

Amanda S.

The Story Behind

APJ Designs

My grandma gave me a 1920s 14k gold diamond ring and that was the start of my love for timeless style. With much of my inspiration coming from nature and old-world charm, handmade jewelry with effortless beauty and timeless style is my go-to...

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