Argentium Seed Necklace - White Topaz
Argentium Seed Necklace - White Topaz
Argentium Seed Necklace - White Topaz
Argentium Seed Necklace - White Topaz

Argentium Seed Necklace - White Topaz

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Old-world charm and coriander inspired the dainty seed design.  The perfect everyday necklace to highlight any outfit.  Dress it up, dress it down a timeless versatile piece!

  • Measurement of piece: 1 inch long and ¼ inch at widest point
  • Set with a 4mm round white topaz
  • Made with Argentium Silver
  • Chain Argentium Silver, 16 inches long
  • Top necklace in model picture 


            Q. What is my ring size?

            A. The best way to size your finger is to go to a professional jeweler near you!  They will be able to very accurately measure the finger you would like to wear a new ring on.  If this is not an option for you there are a couple conversion charts you can google to measure your ring size but know they will not be as accurate as a professional.

            Q. What is my cuff size?

            Use a string or flexible tape measurer and measure around your entire wrist.  Adjust how tight the string is so it fits how you would want the bracelet to fit.  Cuff bracelets have an opening but knowing your overall wrist measurement is helpful! 

            Q. What length chain do I like?

            Choker -15 inches
            High chest – 16 inches
            Middle of chest – 18 inches
            Long – 20 inches

            Q. Can I change the chain length on a necklace or resize a ring?

            I can change the chain length on most of my necklaces, and some of my rings can be resized.  Depending on the changes required and materials there will be an additional fee. 


            Q. Oh no! I lost one of my APJ earrings! What do I do?

            A. I can make another one to go with the earring you have left, it will cost half of the price for a pair. Depending on if they were one-of-a-kind we can work together to figure out the best solution!

            Q. My chain broke on my necklace, a stone fell out, or something else happened :( What do I do?

            A. I put a lot of hard work into every piece I make and I want you to be able to enjoy your jewelry for years and generations to come! Due to the delicate nature of my work damage can happen over time. Depending on the work needed to be done a fee may be required to repair your piece. 

            Q. I have a piece of jewelry made by someone else. Would you be able to repair it?

            A. I don’t currently work on other artists work, if you have something you would like to take the stones out of I’d love to take a look! I love the idea of giving an old stone a new home!


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            APJ jewelry is made using high quality materials, to keep your jewelry looking great here are a few tips that I recommend :)

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            Remove your jewelry before hitting the gym, jumping in the shower, or going for a swim.  Long exposure to water, pool chemicals, and sweat can start to break down metal finishes and eat away at some stones.

            When you are not wearing your jewelry, it is best to store it in a cool dry place, moisture is a main culprit for tarnishing. 

            For everyday pieces it is great to have a couple places you always put your jewelry when you take it off.  I have a cute little dish by my bed that works great for when I hop in the shower & one by my kitchen sink for when I have those pesky dishes to do :)

            Everyone is bound to not follow all the rules to a tee, and that’s okay just do the best you can! Your jewelry will thank you :)

            Touch Up Cleaning

            If you find your jewelry is in need of a little polishing there are a couple of ways you can brighten them up!

            Mix a few drops of mild dish detergent and lukewarm water, and soak.  Use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush away the dirt and debris.  Rinse and then dry completely.   

            Avoid chemical cleaners or polishing cloths loaded with built in abrasives or oils.  The chemicals can react with your jewelry causing them to turn strange colors or damage stones.  Stones that need a little extra care are pearls, opals, and turquoise.  They scratch easily and can absorb liquids or chemicals they come into contact with. 

            My favorite touch up jewelry cleaner is called Pink Brilliance.